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A  D I F F E R E N T  W A Y  O F  L I F E 

'A Different Way of Life’ is a photographic documentary project looking into the lives of those that have decided to step away from the norm and live unconventionally.


The Van 

My partner and I are both very outdoorsy people and feel very restricted when we’re not outside, so the last year has definitely been a struggle. We both had future plans to buy a van to live and travel in, but after last year’s summer plans were cancelled and after being confined to the house, we figured it was the perfect time to buy a van and convert it to live in so we can regain some of that freedom. Our plan is to live in the UK for the summer and travel over the winter if we can get abroad.


The Narrow Boat 

My decision to move onto a boat was driven by a desire for personal and financial freedom. The ability to move out from my parents relatively soon after finishing university seemed appealing but unfortunately unrealistic unless I wanted to pay rent or adopt a hefty mortgage.


Since moving onto the boat I have fallen in love with the lifestyle and community. Whilst I initially intended to try out boat life for 12 months It's now approaching 3 years since and there's no signs of looking back.


The Woods

I simply ran out of map.


There was nothing left I wanted to learn, in the constructed world that I inherited, and there was nothing left to do, but to go back to base reality and start learning from scratch.


To begin to lightly construct only that which I truly needed, and to open doors and see who would come to join, to tumble as Alice did down the rabbit whole, and try to embrace everything that came my way.


The Bus

After having to sell my flat I realised I would not be able to afford or find anywhere to rent that would allow 3 dogs and a cat. I started looking at static caravans, summer houses and anything else a bit alternative and finally decided a bus would be the perfect fit as we would get to travel around and see different things every day. Waking up in the countryside is absolutely wonderful and really sets you up for the day. We have never been happier.

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